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The highest population center in Island County at 23,187 as of 2017, this area of Whidbey has all the conveniences, variety and natural beauty you would expect. It also boasts some the most award winning schools in the whole US, a fantastic community college, the hub for Naval Air Station Whidbey and loads of small town pride.

The quaint and idyllic seaside Town of Coupeville is home to Island Counties hospital and main medical facilities, the County Government offices, sheriff, museum and a National treasure; Ebey’s National Historic Reserve. You can do so very much in such a small geography which makes its residents proclaim “Coupeville has it all”! As of 2017, Coupeville has a population of 1,928.

Known as "The Village by the Sea". Langley is located just 6 miles from the Clinton Ferry Landing and is the retail, art gallery, performing arts and restaurant hub of South Whidbey. It offers fantastic views of Saratoga Passage and migrating Grey whales. The annual Mystery Weekend “who dun-it” in February is a must for tourists and locals alike. Year ‘round there are festivals, concerts, parades, fairs and events to excite everyone! As of July 1, 2019 the small town of Langley has a population of 1,123.

Located just 9 miles from the Clinton Ferry Landing discover Freeland, the commercial hub of South Whidbey with ample business, retail and restaurant space. It boasts two of the most beautiful beaches on the island: Double Bluff and Mutiny Bay as well as South Whidbey State Park. There are forested trails for hiking, access to salmon fishing and crabbing from many boat launches and shorelines. Freeland has a population of 2,212 as of July 1, 2019.

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