Whidbey Family Resources During COVID-19 Closures

Whidbey Family Resources During COVID-19 Closures

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Many working parents with young children are scrambling to reassess the next 6 weeks and putting plans in place to keep kids healthy and learning while still earning necessary income. This is going to be a trying time for everyone but families with 2 working parents are facing a particular logistical headache. There are options out there and below is a collection of what is available…


Child Care:

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Boys & Girls Clubs are offering more than 50% off child care and reduced transportation fees. Fill out the application and find out more via the following links.

Oak Harbor Boys & Girls Club 

Coupeville Boys & Girls Club 

High School and College Students are out of school as well and might be looking for child care work. The going rate for long term child care is anywhere from $7-$15 an hour depending on how many kids, their ages, responsibilities, driving required, etc. When screening babysitters this article might come in handy. https://www.care.com/c/stories/6753/babysitter-interview-questions/


Short Term Homeschooling:

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If you are finding yourself staring down the tunnel at 6 weeks of homeschooling when this has never been a part of your plan it can feel daunting. Here are three tips that may help.

1. Create Structure through a Schedule: 

Having a schedule that everyone can refer to and count on will help things from getting out of control. Here is a simple schedule we like.

2. Use the Online Resources at Your Fingertips: 

Thank goodness we live in the digital age and that we still have the internet through this. We highly recommend Prodigy Game for keeping kids 1-8th grade on track with their math. Looking for a daily curriculum and content to guide your academic time at home? This Scholastic site has set up day by day themed learning opportunities at four different age levels for free! https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

We would love to hear what you recommend and be sure to check out this long list of free or discounted resources! http://www.amazingeducationalresources.com/

3. Stay Positive & Create Community:

This too shall pass and you can choose to either wallow in the negatives or focus on all the silver linings! Since we are all in this together on Whidbey be sure to reach out to your fellow families, whether you have a previous relationship with them or not. Times of trial can bring people closer together in very authentic ways. Being outside is the safest way to convene and with some beautiful Spring days planning a walk with just a few families might be the perfect way to brighten everyone’s day. Want to learn more about outdoor opportunities? 

Visit these posts…

Geocaching on Whidbey Island

Parks in Oak Harbor


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How to Protect Yourself When Listing/Buying During the Coronavirus Epidemic

How to Protect Yourself When Listing/Buying During the Coronavirus Epidemic:

A note from our Branch Manager/Co-Owner, Kristen Stavros

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There is no doubt the Coronavirus has left us feeling uneasy with numerous unknowns and fear of what-ifs.

To curb those feelings lets discuss some of the things we do know & can control.

1. If you have been thinking about selling your house, NOW IS THE TIME! We are currently experiencing a period of low supply yet high demand, couple this with interest rates still below 4% which means more buying power for buyers and you have a recipe for the perfect time to list!

2. If you are looking to buy a home this is still an excellent time with incredibly low-interest rates.

3. If you have a mortgage, NOW IS THE TIME TO TALK WITH YOUR LENDER ABOUT A REFINANCE or perhaps sell and upgrade. There are a couple different housing markets at play right now. Your Windermere Whidbey agent can counsel you on the right move for your individual goals.

For Those of You Listing or Considering Listing Your House…

Here are some recommendations:

A. Leave all room doors open so Buyers don’t have to touch door handles.

B. Put a dish by the front door or on the kitchen counter for business cards to be left in (so you do not have to touch the cards that Brokers are required to leave behind).

C. Have a  bottle of sanitizer at the entrance of your home for visitors to use before they enter your home.

D. After the home is shown, wipe down all door handles inside and out, starting with the front door.

For Buyers and their Agents…

A. Review recommended practices with agent/client before showing.

B. Don’t touch anything unnecessarily, sneeze into a sleeve, wash/sanitize hands before and after, etc.

C. Sanitize hands after handling lockbox and carry anti-microbial wipes.

D. Refrain from placing business cards anywhere a Seller might have to touch them to throw them out.




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